Sunday, April 7, 2013

Juvenlia #1: "Final Appeal" (from OOPS:1994, Pavement Saw Press)

Final Appeal

“This is the body speaking”
The defendant’s final appeal
While the judge cries calculatingly
As if the jury’s hung
Between bind & muddy,
A murdered man
You find in your closet
Between t-shirts & tuxedos.

Emotion’s the monkey in the middle
Begging for crumbs, always picked last
At baseball games between 2 names;
The runt, but only of the litter.

Disguise is always a possibility,
“I know how to figure you out sensibly,
To flush you out as if you had no
Nutritional value & were not possibly
The urge (in me) to flush.”
No smell, no mess and the mind
Raises taxes as the body sleeps
On grates; synonyms. You’re catered to
Like the customer. “We do it all for you”
Say the goalposts as they gain interest
On what you owe. 2 gods up for grabs,
Maybe the moon is the sun and you have
To hate to love though Linda, a peak
Rounded by weather, says, “I don’t
Exercise so much so I watch what I eat.”

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