Friday, April 19, 2013

Break Up Make Up (lyrics)

I got a real nice email today asking me to post the lyrics of my song "Break Up Make Up." I'm so tempted to post the email, but I'll just post the lyrics:

 Break Up Make Up

You read somewhere that people need at least 4 hugs a day
So I guess we owe each other 68
I know it’s bad to just want touch
But maybe we both want too much
Like good is wrong if it’s not always great
Some friends tell me a drama queen ain’t worth it
But come to think of it we’re all drama men
And the mountains we are climbing might be molehills
If we break up just to make up once again

I told myself Chris keep it in, I’ll cheapen love if I begin
To try to put in words its mystery
But you called me back I’m giddy now though later it might seem a brag
That’s too na├»ve to space out tragedy
Methinks the deepest dramas need their comics
Coz angels fear to tread where fools rush in
And there’s more to life than happy or sad endings
That play break up just to make up once again

I can’t say what happens next I hope it ain’t the kind of sex
That leaves us colder than no sex at all
You still feel broken up, and maybe I have woken up
 Too late to take you to Viagra Falls
 Neitzsche wrote of eternal recurrence
 But he couldn’t make it in the den
 And you might drop your clothes like they’re your standards
 If we break up just to make up once again

 You were all the world to me and maybe soon again you’ll  be
 But you need some time alone or we’ll explode
 And I need some kind of ritual that isn’t pharmaceutical
 To find out what I owe and am not owed
 Ain’t gonna cling and claw in this suspension
 And ask Was I too GI Joe or Ken?
 I’ll hang up now and wait for you tell me
 If we hit another bump or a dead end 
That wore make up just to break up once again?

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