Friday, March 6, 2020

Letter to Suzanne Stein in praise of her book New Sutras

Thank you for this amazing book.
                                                     “Mood pens” [30]
& alas I am born on the cusp of
                                                Lostand selfish
Though, if pressed, I’d have to side with
just as I feel more of a generation X
but then so many baby boomer icons
were really war babies
calling MLK and Malcolm X 
                     & Bob Dylan & Aretha Franklin
the silent generation
                        kind of cracks me up

So on safe trivia terrain
            of attempted entertain wit…
but yes your Baldwin quote on pg. 22
                   “any real change”
Reminders, reminders…
The do you see what I meanvoice
And the repeat after me voice

Possibilities of 
                          flow    flow
fast                        slow
    playful       pain
                      [redundant as breath
                       so the laugh takes a bath]
aggrandizement   arrondisement
past pssts & pests
                  of online presences
can I say soul
                     sustaining refreshing
image level for most of page 34
though last 3 lines intrude debased human transactional zone
“Bride staircase…”
                                35 the hedonic loop!
faintng couch”
 All the warm sad mysteries bypassing my “analytical understanding”
“as we speak,” like burrowing or dreams, as soon, a trumpet scream
Surface another depth, depth another surface…
or as you say much better later---nothingness and appearance

to the extent inhaling is knots
         and exhaling untying
years                between           lines  
“…to lower one’s voice to raise it…”

The parable of radical and conservative
aphorisms on par with paintings…

Museum          lung     mind      
                       not confined
          to illusion of indoors..

divided from mature…
                       “soft science!” [39]
Noticing “indictable mint”. 39
       recalling “Christian-like mint” 35
something’s up with the mint…

When Suzanne Stein writes, “I stopped selling everyone short!” (40). I step back
and remember she spoke of a Memento-like backward frame of past & present
and make a note to look out for any indication at the end that is really the beginning
for a sign that maybe the speaker once did that, as if that is the crisis that precipitated the book—

And I love the [suggestive] space between—
“Suzanne, what are you doing to resist capitalism?”
“I dreamt someone rendered my silk slip in leather…”

Like making me want to add the word yummy to
                         osteophytic purply pink
the feeling of having been
         too naïve
for earnest kindness
The crescent moon water region Varuna

Nor is it safe to say Stein’s book enacts the “six modes of consciousness”
Affection, pitilessness, feeling of all destructiveness, delusion, disdain, and suspicion [42]
But it feels medicinal….  On 45 hysterical and relaxed….”in defense of nuamce”
Remember, remember—
“self hatred is a shield against coming to terms with the truth of itself…”
Liz Kinnamon refers to “lovably cliché” qualities of New Sutras…
                                          “develop a personality of your own”
Love without clinging…
          I think it’s a warm hearted book too [51]
The teaching of yoga…
        To get beyond mere patternings of consciousness
to pure awareness…
            even right perception from direct observation,
inference, or the words of others……a mere pattern
and Diane Wakowski says seeing goddess instead of enemies rewards her

               “this is a psychotronics”
Kinnamon says “choosing awe without forfeiting negativity…”
Laura Moriarty says, “one feels understood in a way that is loving but a bit scary.”
and I can’t say it any better….

Thank you for this awesome book Suzanne…



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