Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sonnet 61 (I guess this would be called the 'lynch mob' mentality)

Remember how #RonSilliman used to
Try to “cow” those younger in the 90s
Unlike his cronies back in the 60s
Who were more socialist than me, thou, you?
We muttured in wings, “his generation
Of white self-proclaimed radical poets
Helped spur backlash against Black Arts griots,”
But let them control the conversation
Trying to defend ourselves in their terms,
Learn their language, all the better to curse
In it, smuggling truths in their Trojan hearse.
I failed, now hope to help the tables turn
As he’s caught defending old time black face
Of ghost world plagiarist friend-in-high-Place

So I got swept back into what used to be called "the poetry wars"


  1. It's funny, Chris, but a few days ago when somebody posted asking what went wrong with The Gran Poobah's work, I thought of how you (wasn't it you?) took out an advertisement in Poetry Flash to get writers to help finish The Alphabet so that Ron could go on to more pertinent work.

  2. i never took an add in poetry flash….but good to hear from you T.C.


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