Saturday, October 19, 2013

21st Century Fox (Jan 2010)

Gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman,
Gotta gotta gotta, gotta gotta gotta 
You Gotta Launch!! You Gotta Launch 

Some say love’s a zero in the tennis game of life 
Some say love’s a sofa you can lie with on your wife
Some say love’s a drugstore, a condensed reality                
a chocolate bar, a speeding car where downtown used to be
too true to be good, or to good to be true
(i’m ready for me if you’re ready for you)

Verse 2
Some say love is skinny others say that it’s just young
others say if you’re so rich, why then ain’t you dumb
well, I ain’t too stable or drab like your man, 
but I can do more with a little than he ever could or can
the infotainment nightmare’s like a dervish who don’t whirl
oh I need a boombox woman, I don’t need an ipod girl

Verse 3
Ah, some say love ain’t poor if it lives beyond its means
it can put put round the block if we dream of the grand-prix
If America’s a bicyclist, it’s like a car just broke its leg
so we got a lot in common, ‘cept I’m too ashamed to beg
damn I never should’ve eaten that greasy food
But if I can learn the hard way, america can too....uh huh

she got’s Sarah Palin thighs, and Rupert Murdock rocks,
she’s got Michelle Bachman eyes, she’s a 21st century fox
She’s guarding the henhouse it’s a natural fact, 
& I don’t think Gordan Gano done it like that...

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