Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Drafts (#4)

Maybe it’s a Mondegreen

But I swear I just heard
the Young Marble Giants sing
“Nature intended the abstract for you & me”

And if intuition is an instinct,
it sounds gentle as an instinct
& the doubts hearing myself repeat that

open up, as if sorrow
could save you from mere appetite,
or at least be a necessary chaser 

like a long forgotten fast
still struggling to be heard
in the negative peace of fa(c)t 

that acts like it can be
happy without being gentle.
Sleep knows its waking is forgetting

but can we find 
ourselves on a bridge 
between the extroverted insects 

& the introverted ex-sects 
without leaning to one side
like a tourist attraction to let

enough flaws in
for the beautiful people
who only love us for our flaws

and a voice
too gentle to be a nag
that wants to rescue words

from the way
they are abused
by those who scorn the gospel in the blues

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