Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April Drafts 3

When A Simple Pleasure is a Stolen Moment

Ibuprofen is a temptation,
but the sip of water guiltless invitation
and maybe it’s boring coz despair 
is nowhere to be seen, 
to say nothing of ecstasy..
& the war between scenery
& argument, or the argument
between scenery & war,
or the woman who wants 
to give me a peace of her mind
(and I love her high self of steam)
& save the reader from 
the page turner pulling you
to the end quicker like a death drive.

A revolving door doesn’t know
its own strength. Yes I’m puzzled 
that you said “I’ll be back” 
as you walked towards me,the word
puzzle too vague for comfort,
and just as the feeling that things
come more alive at night is counterintuitive,
so does that goose-neck shaped lamppost
caress the tree whose cover it blows.
I can smell the pine-scented 
shadow of its smile: “Nothing
is sacred, nothing is life, life
is water, or at least its cycle…..”
to ooze with the derivative & guiltless
like a headache that’s gonna go away
really soon, I swear!

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