Monday, April 2, 2018

April Drafts #2


Perhaps I made less of a distinction
Between being solitary & being social
When I was being more social?
Or if I made less of a deal of it now,
It’d be easier to be social again…
But Que Sera Sera…..In the meantime,
A red pickup truck approaches
Like a foreground with a red traffic light
That recedes to the background
With the trees when it turns green,
To appease the garrulous greed
Of the unseen fast-food eye.

But don’t worry I’m pulled over 
By the side of the road. Now
One could say I got a problem 
With choices, and thus commitments
Except perhaps to needing an abnormal 
amount of solitude, they say, but I wouldn’t
be surprised if the majority of us didn’t
not that I’m suggesting forming
A Siesta Party of anything
Or that Introversion is a cause
Nearly as important as anti-racism
Or that less is more could love you better
Or that I’m entirely comfortable with myself
Or that the best doctors admit they’re sick too
Or that you only ran away for the pleasure
Of coming back with more soul food crumbs
From the musician’s table (who was the first
To sing “I got plenty of nothing
& nothing’s plenty for me?”)
or the feeling words can pay a debt
or maybe even liberate us
from our economic identities
that have a problem with choosing
to calm up, or clam down
& wonder what it means
to domesticate the soul 
where knowing can't help,
nor can knowing you don't know
coz you may know more 
than you know you know
and what do you do
when the highest standard
comes to you?

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