Sunday, April 1, 2018


Lunch Hour Fast Coffee Poem….#3

                                                                       you tell 
                                                               the line between
                                                         tiredness & depression
                                                      as if suffering without pain?
                                                   I mean, pain’s holistic, right? Low
                                               energy can be another way of saying
                                            overworked (we debate over whether
                                            Ali spoke so poignantly in order to box
                                             or boxed the speak so poignantly). I’m
                                          not into punching or being punched though
                                   the bursting forehead tooth pain jaw might command
                                  to differ, but can coffee help, be pain killer or, for those
                                of us who don’t like killing, relief, bas relief, like counting
                             sleeps could help us be sheep….or just give you strength--
                           or energy---well, unblock inhibitors (and what kind of truth
                           is there in the science that calls nature inhibitors?), to play
                        through the pain? Occupation….Is strength felt as energy? What

                      is stronger than sleep, which has managed to resist colonization by
                       what science calls waking (and waking calls science, hard science
                        spending billions trying to murder inefficient sleep)? Sometimes
                        pain is. Did the pain wake me? Tossing, turning, no REMS, spinal 
                        fluid blocked, something we ate, or smoked or breathed, sitting 
                         with the right leg you can bend over the left leg you can’t. Is it 
                           not pain, but merely discomfort? Is it second and foremost 
                                 psychic? Each spiritual aching molecule of air letting
                                 itself be inhaled & exhaled, & the energy & the pain 
                                   are one, & pain without gain may be better than 
                                    pain withgain & this is probably too much coffee
                                        talking (gratitude) as if it’s my worst flaw to
                                        fear tiredness as ifit’s depression & have to 
                                        make imaginary friends to watch me explode
                                            to clear my head to put that lid, that’s 
                                            also a floor, back on, to be grounded
                                              in student discursive prose with so 
                                              many grammar errors it could get 
                                                 an A in a creative writing class, 
                                                  which may not help, but 
                                                       that doesn’t mean 
                                                                 it hurts

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