Friday, April 27, 2018

April Draft #27

Is there a way to compliment you
without it sounding like a come-on line?
Why does it always sound like an insult 
when someone says “I envy you?”

In the glades today, I overheard 
a shepherd tell her son, “if you’re going
to be envious, at least have the decency
to know what you’re envious of.”
“Too much work, screw envy!”

Reverse psychology? I love the rhetorical
sleights that can suck you out
of human essentialism almost as much
as those that can seduce you back into it.

I love the way you incomplete me 
and yes if you want compliments,
I have to get better….at compliments.
Stiff to my ear, the beautiful, kind, and lovable
words fail such practical praise

Perhaps coz I’ve been trained to be 
so on the lookout for flattery
that I can’t take anybody’s compliment
and certainly this is a failing in me
(I took “you can’t take a compliment”
as a compliment!), unless it’s better
to look, not for compliments, but complements…

“What do I have to do so you stop
envying me, so I can envy you?”
“Ooh, ooh, baby, I wanna comp you.”

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