Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Draft #21

Evening Lynx Parade

At the march for science, they spoke of space.
String theory! Aliens! Invaders. & in the original 
mountain that I stood on today, the sea
of universal death rose higher up its sides
bearing gifts of repetition in its anachronistic tusks.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we’re dressing.
Memories of Cindarella gala-ball fantasies
were too bight. We needed the dark
to help us double and divide & otherwise
“Hook up” (I was the “Killing Moon” cliché).
Oh this is just descriptive dark
bracketed off from soul-talk

But I wouldn’t reduce it to fashion
or of a simple preference of night to day
though histories of day people
& night people fascinate me
in the indoor social world
in the social indoor world

for daytime sunny outdoor park
or fire hydrant street days
were better than the indoor brights
that were supposed to be safer
and the Reason they said was ours
than the so-called mood lighting we craved.

The outdoor sun too sweaty to be reason
while many convince themselves
we’re beyond fear of the dark,
but this is just descriptive dark
bracketed off from soul-talk

Socially speaking, less municipal night
dressed up as space for Star Wars
(if not the sequel, Earth Peace….)
unpolluted, unpulverized, by plastic 
practices, the final frontier indeed,
the impossible possible, and such
but bracketed off from music

the ghost in the machine room,
the ghost of outside gotten inside
sounds better with eyes clothed
from the cold bright artificials
by naught but a voluntary lid
as if self-walls can dissolve
even without so-called spirits
but this is just descriptive dark
bracketed off from the science talk

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