Friday, April 20, 2018

April Draft #20

Spotlight Boats

No matter what you do,
There will always be
“a part of your mind”
that lies unused—
an old salt shaker lid,
a rotation of crops,
one minute’s defendant
the next moment’s jury
like picking up a penny
to drop a quarter
and picking up a quarter
to drop a dime,
like a chicken with
its head cut off
on a wild goose chase
I heard you cry,
Bird against bird,
Word on word,
Like your summer self
And your winter self
Would not get along
Like you can’t taste
The honey for the bees
& can’t see the bees
unless they die stinging you
and we’ve left that land
years ago, but for someone
who will not sacrifice
the need for delight
for enlightenment,
you sure have a stunted way
of saying it….and for someone
who says she’s saved, she sure
spends a lot of time whining
(but I would never say that
for I love her complaints
as much as her sermons)
the last word circling around 
to the first word
back when music was giving
money a run for its money

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