Friday, April 13, 2018

April Draft #13

Ode To Agoraphobia

 So once upon a time there was this plot
and it was against us
or it just wanted to test us
though what doesn’t kill you
can make you weaker
but the gift of music compensates
for the loss of sight,
and someone said
Pursuit of happiness
but others fingered money
& you have to pay
for a plot & more for a stone
and we resisted the plot
through witty metaphysical banter
that can seem, through speed,
to stop time, like death, and be
time, bouncing the deflated
basketballs of clocks chasing us
like cops who think it’s Thursday
but it’s really Tuesday & saw a deeper plot
in which plot itself was the villain
& the magic of love can work
even through the corrupt medium
of language as money all the while
showing us that telling mercy
is better than knowing justice
(that’s really just revenge)
in mysterious ways devalued
as whiles or gender realpolitik
and the victorious men are anti-semitic hypocrites
but the woman seems to secretly transcend
in the “subversive” feminist reading
that can save us from what
the literalists call the plot,
and if all the world’s a stage
all drama metadrama
as if a world without money
would be plotless as digging
up bones of old Yorick
less than 30 years later
& a song is wider than a movie
if you need space to be space in
to laugh and cry and laugh and cry
about it all again with an absolutely
straight face at the plot 
that always wins at our expense
till the cat captures the bird
of curiosity, & lets it kill it
to take us out of use
like the forest can remind you
it’s not the outdoors you fear,
just the marketplace

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